Seksualitas Sexuality in Indonesia Sexuality is a spectrum and Find My Method welcomes you all! If you have a question about gender identity, contraception or sex in the LGBT community, ask here! For more information, visit Find My Method. Kontrasepsi Contraceptives in Indonesia This is a space to ask questions on a contraceptive method (instructions of use, side effects, comparison with other methods etc.) or share your honest experience with contraception. If you want to find the ideal contraceptive for you, don’t forget to visit the Find My Method website. Di mana saya bisa mendapatkan kontrasepsi? Where do I get contraception? There are many brands or varieties of contraceptives out there, and many pharmacies or medical providers offer them. This space is for you to recommend your preferred contraceptives in Indonesia (and why), or health providers that have helped you with your method. To make a decision, visit Find My Method website. Kesehatan seksual dan reproduksi Sexual and reproductive health Don’t struggle trying to find quality services, here you can find clinics and institutions providing contraceptives. Find out more at Find My Method website.
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