Afraid of using contraceptive

I have been having sex with my guy for the last one year, but we use condom for protection. Last month, we were so excited to see each other after 4 months of doing long distance because of Corona. Sasa, we did it without a CD and i took P2s. Since then my guy want us to to start doing it without a CD and has suggested that i start using contraceptives. I asked a friend about her experience with Depo and she told me that it really messed her periods because it had become so heavy .Another one was using Femi-plan and it gave her so much nausea, she even thought that she was pregnant.This makes me so afraid of contraceptives.What should i do?

Hi Sheilah,
First i would like you to know that there is no one-size-fit-all contraceptive method for all women and the journey to understanding what will work for you may sometimes involve a trial and error process. To better understand the contraceptive that may fits you need. it’s always advisable to first research on what is available out there. You can find all those answers at findmymethod.
Once you learn about these methods, the next step is usually to visit a qualified health care provider for further review and administration, where necessary of the best method for you.

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