Casual Sex, Pregnancy Scares and Stories

Stories about casual sex and pregnancy scares because of contraceptive failure and unprotected sex #casualsex #contraceptivefailure


Well about pregnancy scares , I was on emergency contraceptives for sometime and I didn’t menstruate for a month …gosh I was so freaking scared so had to buy a test kit …tested and it was negative and went to the hospital to do a pregnancy test because that one will show when it’s early … but it was negative and I was told by the doctor that too much intake of the contraceptives makes your month delay and can infertility in women so he gave me this vitamin pills and I was fine

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Lol :rofl::rofl::rofl: one night stand :rofl::rofl: well basically there was this guy that we were kinda crushing on each other when we met …met him at my cousin’s girlfriend’s end and he was cute and all and he and I were vibing and like he was like I want to drop you off home and nigga was kinda like telling me his hoe stories :rofl::rofl::rofl: and he damn this guy came onto me and we starting kissing …it was a one time attraction so we got down and we made out in the car in front of my gate …and that was it the next day we ghosted each other like we exchanged contacts and all bh none of us was interested in talking again …we just watch each other’s status and pass .

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The most infuriating thing to me has got to be a man who refuses for his partner to get contraception and claims is ready for settling down should pregnancy happen but runs away and pushes for an abortion when it does in fact happen.
How can we get more girls to understand it’s their decision and provide more access to contraception?

I feel it would be really helpful if the users here shared their individuals experiences with each other🤗

how do you deal pregnancy scares?

what causes contraceptive failure?

how do you know if you’re ovulating ?

Pregnancy scare dieer…lol. one in every one male has experienced some😂.
Master of the pull-out…lol…but somehow dis gal comes a few weeks after to say she had missed her period :joy::sweat_smile:…was lyk huh?..the next two days had me thinking of ma next steps… finally decided I was gonna accept it…this gal comes back on the third day to tell me she had had her period finally and it delayed 🤦…
she came back after a week after to continue with what we had started prior to dat scare​:joy::joy::joy:

What in your opinion is the best contraceptive with minimal long term effects?
I hear IUDs can cause cancer. Is that true? If yes, is it worth it?

About casual sex … I met this Muslim girl in 2017. Ever since then we meet up usually twice every year and we have sex all day long… she’s very pretty and way younger than me with a crazy hot body and light skinned and from the northern region . We don’t talk much but when she’s in town and she calls to ask when I will be free then I know it’s time :yum: to get me sum. We haven’t hooked up yet this year but am looking forward to seeing her .

Pregnancy scare back in University … my ex gal sometimes gives me the go ahead to cum inside her during sex cos she tells me she is safe … during final year just after project defense her period was late about almost 2weeks .:confounded:… man was freaking hot. She was so relaxed about it . I had to go get pregnancy test kits and they were all negative. That’s when I relaxed Abit .about 3 days later her period came :joy:… but after that I totally lost interest in sex for a while … it wasn’t easy kraaa

My only pregnancy scare was back in when I was 19 or 20 and the girl told me she missed her period for two months now. I wasn’t scared and actually didn’t believe her because I knew I pulled out everytime we sex. But after her 4th month she finally had it so i have no idea why didn’t have her period during that 4month stretch.

I had two very interesting casual sex encounters this last two weeks… One girl she found me on twitter and she DMed me wanting to know where my location was. Mind u I haven’t had sex this year since April for my bday so I let her know where I stayed at. She came over (this was a Sunday night) we talked smoked then had sex and she slept over. Then she stayed in and out of my house for a week then started askin money for her gamble and buy alcohol. Then finally on the following Sunday she asked for 170 cedis for personal things and I said no then she flipped on me and told me I was selfish n self centered and to ignore her and delete her number… so I did then …a WHOLE week later she texts me to have me go out with drinks and talk…which I declined…then she flipped on me again insulting me with all types of words and I just laughed…

So that was one…then I the second came just this last Monday on a group chat she was comforting me tellin me that girl I met the other week was a prostitute and the friends agreed on the page so I moved on…but this new girl she DMed me first we started talking and we talked in the groupchat for 4 days before we started talkin about our sex life…she was getting horny and wanted to come over…in my mind I was thinking…maybe I should bring her over…but I’m a guy and I thinking through my penis so I let her come and once again we smoked and we fucked and she slept over and I dropped her off at her place…we currently still texting…no labels no nothing just friends lol

Right now, I’m freaking out because my boyfriend and I were dry humping. I was wearing leggings, but did not have underwear underneath them. My boyfriend had sweatpants, but his precum fluid soaked through his thin boxers and formed a wet spot on the outside of his sweatpants. I can’t help but think since all I had on were leggings, that the small wet spot soaked through my pants and got me pregnant. Since my leggings were thin, the dry humping felt real, so of course that adds on to the fear because of how close his penis was to me. No matter how many times I’m told sperm can’t soak through, I can’t help but think I’m going to be pregnant.

Haha this happens to so many women. It’s because emergency contraceptives delay ovulation which in turn delays your period, so it’s the reason why you just need to wait patiently and not panic when your period delays. Also, they are supposed to be taken in emergency situations, not daily like the daily contraceptives. You need to get on a regular contraceptive or use condoms if you have an active sex life and you aren’t ready for a baby. Visit to see your options😊

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Haha… You had a good time. That’s what’s important! I hope you kept it safe though

4 months is quite long but you need to note that the pull-out method can easily fail you, so it’s best to use another contraceptive method to be on the safe side. At least she didn’t get pregnant haha

Oh that was a bad experience, sorry about that

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