CERVICAL CANCER The needed information

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So what exactly is Cervial Cancer???

Like the name goes, it is a malignant tumor (cancer) of the cervix of the woman.

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It’s caused by an a persistent HPV infection but there are other factors that put a woman at risk of getting cervical cancer. These include;
High risk sexual behavior, multiple sexual partners, high risk male sexual partner, non use of barrier contraception.
Smoking also predisposes to cervical cancer

So what are the symptoms of cervical cancer?

It’s important that when you start noticing these symptoms, you visit the nearest health care facility to get tested and examined.

Having irregular vaginal bleeding which include bleeding after sex, bleeding in between menstrual cycles and even bleeding after menopause.

Another symptom is having foul smelling vaginal discharge
Having Lower abdominal pain is also a symptom.

Other General symptoms include weight loss, loss of appetite among others

So what do you do when you suspect these symptoms? Visit your nearest health facility or go to a Gynae clinic

It’s said that cervical cancer is one of the easiest cancers to prevent, only because the time between actually contracting HPV and getting the cancer is about 12-15 years, which could vary per person.
So how can one detect any cervical changes early?

As a woman who is sexually active, it is important to have a Pap smear done at least every 3 years so that any changes to the cervix can be treated early

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