Communication during sex

  1. The important of communication during sex
  2. How it improve sexual activities
  3. Disadvantage of not communicating

What do you think about sexual communication?

I think e fine 4 d sake of pleasure

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Especially 4 uman dem. Nor 2 for just go lidom, u nid for feel good my dear

Yes it’s important not only pleasure but it creates a better relationship

Not only about feeling good but you also need to know what your partner wants and how he wants it

In as much as communication during sex is important we must be aware of the contraceptives needed before sex
2. IUD
These are very important before sex

Haha yes no selfishness allowed :joy::rofl:

At all because sex should be enjoyed

Wot if my man can’t turn me on? It’s not like he isnt trying but it’s just not working

In such instance you have to try some other methods or you as the woman improve your

Your sexual skills and communication

How should one go about it?

It gives you joy knowing your partner Expresses how she feels

Moaning is good because it improves the sexual passion and gives you extra feelings

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