Contracptive Flops

Has anyone ever had that moment where condoms, the pill, or any other contraceptives just were NOT working out?

Come and share your flop stories here! From burst condoms, not seeing your period in 2 weeks after ECP or not knowing how to use the condom cuz it’s your first time :joy:, let’s tell it all. Join in at 8pm on this weekend 22.11.20 for a chat!

Who is here and wants to share?

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A few experiences both mine and from others so i’ll chronicle them here.

  1. Broken Condoms: This happens way too often for me to not wonder if there’s inferior merchandise on the market. All i can say is Gents if you feel it’s flowing through then it probably is; emergency contraception is also very difficult to get at 11pm.

  2. First Time Blues: The condom instructions aren’t as simple as you think which lead a naïve teenager to not use them. I don’t think pull-out is that effective just that i’ve been lucky.

  3. ECP: You might want to ask your girl how she takes it; to share an anecdote: She placed it on her tongue for it to dissolve before adding water; i could’ve easily been a grandad by now.

I see looks like condoms should come with simpler instructions on them eh :rofl: The ECP, yeah I’m not sure that the recommended method of taking them! :sweat_smile:

Where do I begin…

So condom sizes are a thing. Its not one size fits all…thats a huge misconception.

oh really? @MiloKing tell us more

Guess the feeling of a first timer who wants to play safe naa I can’t my period sets in. I had a girl who preferred it raw but because it was my first time i was given the privilege to use the condom. After I was done I could not find the condom. It was stuck in the lady. She brought it out and there was just small semen in there. I couldn’t sleep that night I was just wondering where the rest of the semen passed. She comforted me saying we did it in her safe period so me I closed my mind no pills.

:joy: How will you sleep?! Your first time and then you become a father? That means your family people really have it in for you! But on that note though people who “like it raw” how do they prevent pregnancy? :thinking:

Fast forward naa I didn’t see my period eii all my mum’s words kept on coming back to me. So I pampered this lady with care beyond imagination, gifts, 12 am all I dey search khebab and all sorts of things that I would not do in my normal self. Got her pregnancy kit just hoping for negative and constantly asking her if she has seen her menses. The way I prayed for a second chance that I would not repeat my actions again. The menses finally came. I had never been that happy in my life. I thank God and said that I would not do that again but charlie me this.

@chWow! You were really lucky! I hope you always use protection from now on? Condoms are the best policy for pregnancy and STIs/HIV

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