Detty December Column

I am hooking up in December, any tips?
Thank you


Hello 9jaking,

There is absolutely nothing wrong in getting a hookup but be sure to take precautions.

  1. Have you met your date before?
  2. Where are you meeting?
  3. Even in causal relationships, boundaries remain so communicate your boundaries.
    4.Remember contraceptives
  4. Hook up anxiety occurs usually when we fear the unknown what actually do you think might go wrong? Your partner wouldn’t like you, do you think this person doesn’t quite respect your boundaries?
    When you answer all of these questions you limit the level of uncertainty.
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  1. Also remember to notify someone when you are out with this partner.
  2. Have a duress signal, a code word a close friend or trusted family knows so when you are in danger you text or call them.
  3. If you are meeting for the first time, choose a location you are familiar with and notify someone.
  4. Don’t forget your condoms and pepper spray.
  5. If your guys tells you to turn it down, please listen to your intuition the sixth sense it’s almost never wrong.
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