Do Ghanaian women masturbate?

Interested in finding out :slight_smile:

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One current girl who is a friend watches porn like a regular movie and never masterbates …but she will allow me to finger her or eat her out…I kept asking her why she does masterbate and her answer is…she likes when I man does it to her and not herself…which sounded strange in the beginning …I figured girls masterbate more than men

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My milf story

So I was 18 going to this club that was 21 and over with a few of my friends. They were 21 but I was tall and looked older so the security let me in…so I bought drink I’m vibing listenin to the music lookin around then I noticed this woman lookin at me across the room. We caught eyes then she signals me to sit with her… she start to chatting and what not then she asked if I want to continue the fun at her place. Of course I agreed so I told my friends a ride found a ride so not wait for me. We go back to her place and I had the most porn type sex I had in my life…I’m talking about oral sex…giving and receiving…sex all over the house …the floor the couch the bed etc.all the positions in the kamasutra .then I came on her face it was hot…she was 41 so she knew what she was doing.

So morning comes and I wake up to the smell of breakfast like …a full on buffet so I come downstairs and she the food then I sit down then theirs money on the table…and said thank u for a great time she will drop me back off home…I didn’t think I was used or whatever but I used that money for gas in my car lol . I wear glasses and I had them off while I eating and i saw family pics but couldn’t really see the faces …this was a Friday night goin into Saturday morning. We didn’t exchange numbers

So Sunday I went to church…after the service I’m talkin to a church member and hes like ‘let me introduce you to my wife’…
Lol he brings her and it’s the woman from the club!!! We both look at each other like"we never met" but we were still shocked so we shook hands said “nice to meet u’” then I excused my self to go the washroom and I was just laughing so hard in there and couldn’t believe that actually happened…best milf ever lol


I’ve definitely heard of that too. Some women feel weird touching themselves sexually. But are more comfortable when their partner does it

I know I’m late but yeah they do. I have no problem touching myself

Do you use toys or it’s just a fingers affair?

Sure. I bet everybody on the earth does that. Women? Of course included.
That is natural and reasonable.
Maybe most of them use hands I think? But more and more start to using sex toys since it’s better to body.
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