Fingers or tongue? During sex

Let’s talk
Evening talk…sex and reproductive health is important

Some say both are disgusting
While others finds it please
What’s your take?

Both is sexy and satisfying especially when wherever is doing it is doing the right thing, people find it disgusting because they are not open to adventures :joy:

Giving head is like licking any part of your body.

And Boo please use those fingers cuzz it’s more controllable than the duck it self and it tells you exactly where you are feeling…

It’s both for me☺️

@Joy_Gborie okay
Sounds interesting
You’ve said it all

Fingers some will say it’s okay, but tongue…
Cleanliness and other things are considered

So fr me I will go with both
But the is the most sweetest, cuz some guys don’t actually know how to use there fingers, they may get the pussy greased cuz of the force and all, but using the tongue most guys know how to rock the clits and roll all over the vagina, using the tongue usually get the guy to do more things like he becomes creative with the pussy, he may bite it a little Lick it, sip it
Let me stop here

*… …

Lol…you’re right
Thanks @Ifeoma_Owunna

Some with long nails will bruised you private part in the process
Tongue is more appealing…lol

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