Friends with benefits

Every women has its own sexual needs, some may desire for sex everyday and some prefer to have sex once a week. And that’s ok.

Some women have decided they don’t want to have a boyfriend or exclusive partner. They prefer to have sex with different partners. And that’s ok.

Have you heard about “friends with benefits”? Share your story and help other women to find more alternatives for a healthy sexual life.

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I once had one. He was actually my friend from Uni.But then he got a steady galfriend and ended our fling. It kinda hurt, because i think i had started to catch some feelings and wondered why he didn’t consider me for a real relationship.
Now i have a steady boyfriend too and i am starting to forget about my “prayer partner”.Lol!

I think this is one of my best “entanglements”. Used to have two friends with benefits and good thing is we all used protection. The only problem is i ended the two after noticing they were falling in love. But this is something i would do over and over again. If you haven’t tried it, trust me you should.

NB At times sex is not everything, we all need peace of mind and that lively company. So if you get peace from someone and you ain’t in any relationship, then that’s definitely FWB.

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