Funniest Sex and Contraception experiences

Have you ever gone to buy condoms only to meet that one Aunty or someone you know at the shop? Boy! :sweat_smile:

Join in the chat here at 8 pm lets spill on some of our funniest experiences. Who has the funniest story?

Join me let’s have fun

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Hmm I remember this one time I needed my mother to get my ID out of my purse at home and send me a picture of it urgently… I had completely forgotten that I had a BIG pack of condoms in the purse too. As soon as I remembered the way I was praying she wouldn’t see it eh! But like it would be a miracle! Funny enough she never asked me anything about it. Talk about crisis averted :rofl:

So funny I have not had any experience as you did

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I was actually sent to get condoms at a drug store in my neighborhood and by then I was 14yrs old… The funny thing was that, the attendant was a close friend to my dad. Heheheee come and see boy bleeding on the low. I was around the yard for close to an hour and finally gathered some vim and luckily the condoms was sold to me and this man never realised I was the one
Come and see boy jubilating… Omoo Hard guyyy

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I remember my first time buying a condom. I went to the pharmacy bought every cheap drug, from paracetamol to ors just because I met my mum’s friend in the shop who would not leave. The lady later change her mind and I never saw her again. I later on got a box of it free from a friend and put it at vantage points just for prophylaxis. It’s sometimes not easy to get a cookie which is willing to be ate so when you get it don’t let it go.

@Chuck “vantage points for prophylaxis” Im dying! Sometimes you’ve got to do James Bond tactics just for some small condoms you’ll use to eat. Ei, life is hard

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