Grow your Condoms

How old do you want to be until you grow your condoms?
Hello people I will be taking you through a very interesting topic today… Join me as we explore the feelings.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hello people if you are around indicate with an emoji :heart_eyes:

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Please help me clearly about this topic, very interesting

So when you first come across the topic what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? And we will take it gradually as we go…

I’m here. Suggestion about the site; difficult to navigate, word count, chatting etc. Make it very interacting. The topic is great but the site needs improvement. Thanks

Condom, my age like when I’m to realize to use a condom :grinning:

Noted sir! Thanks for the suggestion

Very great! When do you want to start using condom? Remember even if you are 12 but you are no more a Virgin you need to grow your condom.

Yes, I am around. I just joined.

Don’t want to use condoms and my partner can’t agree thinking it’s for those who are cheating or it has limited or no pleasure :grin:

Welcome sir, so when do you want to grow your condom? :slightly_smiling_face:

Woooh but do you guys talked about it? Like having a peaceful conversation and making your point!

My partner can’t accept condoms😂. What can I do? She thinks I’m like I don’t trust you so let go with condoms

Nope. Peaceful conversation, we’re not fighting. How can I convince her for condoms. That’s my point cuz I’m afraid for STDs and Unwanted pregnancies. She can’t go to Marie Stopes

Are we still here?
So what do I mean by growing your condoms?

Growing your condoms simply means that you need to start using it that’s # 1, understands it and you have to love it. Grow it! let it produce for you with love. You can never go wrong with growing your condoms.

At pussy’s Street and Vagina’s country, you need to grow your condoms

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I am facing the same issue as Alfa. When I started having sex with my girl, we didn’t use a condom, now that I’m more conscious about STDs, she can’t listen the topic of using a condom

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Wow! Do you try to make her love it?

But do you love growing your condoms?

I would love to grow my condom oh for safety

:joy::joy::joy: I think it’s more about pleasure and trust

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