Harmful sex organ practices

Let’s talk about harmful sex organ practices.
Allow your sex organ to smell natural and fresh.

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What could really be the harmful sex practices

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@SahrGuslennux Some harmful practices are stress, chemicals, certain foods, unsafe sex and drying n tightening.

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@SahrGuslennux visit their blog also to learn some interesting things.

Can u tell me about what a woman should not use to wash the vagina

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Is it healthy to use soap to wash the vagina

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Us Africans are used to using soap and sapo to scrub our private part in the name of keeping it clean but it’s also harmful

@Ifeoma_Owunna use clean water to wash yourself up and use clean towel to dry up

Allow your vagina to smell natural and fresh

Don’t forget to practice safe sex also
Use condoms and trust nobody
Your health your concern

Findmymethod also help with the importance of contraceptives.

Also I read somewhere that ladies should reduce the sugar intake to keep the vagina healthy

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Some men also smell bad tho​:joy::joy:it’s not always about the ladies

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And also after giving heads you may want to wash your mouth with detergents :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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@Joy_Gborie communicate with your partner about his health and sanitary issues

I know but communication is important
If he smells bad talk to him about him or teach him healthy practices

Thanks for your ideas
Also check out their website to learn more

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