HIV and STI testing experiences

Anyone ever considered getting tested or gone through testing? What was the process like?


Join in here at 7.30pm GMT to have a chat on this!

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This is an interesting topic, can’t wait to start

That’s great Dr A! So from your experience do alot of people get tested for STIs and HIV voluntarily?

yes for the Hiv, incase they do screening a school

From my personal experience I’d say no, compared to other countries…

Oh that makes alot of sense. Is this the only time that people get access to screening? What about the STIs? @Christtlla

Why do you think this is the case?

a lot of people are scared of stigmatization

@purpose oh ok. As in people dont want other to know that they are sexually active eh?

Exactly, the stigma. And I don’t think we are doing a good job educating the public on the benefits

I think that people are also afraid to know their status becuae they feel like it could change their life, but in my opinion, not knowing is rather worse for your health.

for real ? people feel like the results will change their lives forever

and to them is a really big deal

Thats true. Especially on the STIs. We hear a litte bit about HIV here in Ghana, but we dont hear much about the STIs and there seems to be alot of misconceptions on them. Also, where does one even go to get screened for STIs? :thinking:

True, and I think it’s normal for people to feel that way, it may be a way to protect yourself psychologically but in the end if you have it then disease will progress to the point where you can’t “hide “ anymore, At that point even with treatment some irreversible damage may have occurred by then.
On the other hand I have seen so many people who tested early and started treatment and are living normal lives

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yes but the fact is, a test is just a test. Whatever is going on in your body will still go on regardless, and might even get worse if you dont get help. For example STIs like Chlamydia and Gonnorrhea are leading causes of pelvic inflammatory disease which can cause tubes to be blocked in females and lead to infertility. Guys can also have blockages as well! But all you need is a simple treatment to avoid all this in some cases.

Also new treatment options keep coming up, a few months ago I saw that the fda in the US is approving a drug that you’ll take as a single injection every month instead of the usual daily doses

I think this is very true. Being scared is real. But sometimes diving into the deep end is a bold and worth it decision.

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Exactly, so let’s encourage each other to go against our natural instincts of hiding and get tested voluntarily

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