How do I deal with vaginismus?

What is Vaginismus?
How do I achieve pleasurable sex with Vaginismus?

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Hello 9jaking,
Thanks for asking, vaginismus is a condition where the vagina contracts instead of expand and relax it’s muscle for penetration to occur.
There are two types of vaginismus namely:

  1. Primary Vaginismus: This happens when it happens the first time you try sex and it keeps occurring.
  2. Secondary Vaginismus: This happens after a certain occurrence, it wasn’t something that has ever happened prior it started after maybe an abuse, pelvic injury/trauma, untreated STI.
    It is important to know the cause of why Vaginismus is occurring so it’s best you see a doctor who would refer you to a sex therapist if it has to do psychological trauma.
    Pelvic therapy also helps if it happens due to pelvic trauma.
    I do hope this answers your question.
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