How to use abortion pills

Let’s help reduce maternal death in Africa as we discuss about how to safely use abortion pills

Good day every I will be engaging you in short and quick discussion about safe abortion

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Abortion pills comprises of two drugs
Mifepristone and misoprostol
Two ways using the combination of both or using just one (If you have contra-indications in using Mifepristone)

  1. Mifepristone and Misoprostol
    Step 1
    Swallow one pill of mifepristone 200mg with water
    Step 2
    Wait 24hrs before use of Misoprostol but no longer than 48hrs
    Step 3
    After 24hrs and before 48hrs drink some water to make your mouth moist put 4 Misoprostol pills 200mcg each, 2 pills of each side of your under gum
    Step 4
    Hold the Misoprostol pills under your tongue for 30 mins, swallow any secretion in your mouth normally, do not spit, do not eat or drink.
    Step 5
    After 30 mins rinse your mouth and drink down everything that is left of the pills

Stay tuned
And wait on how to use Misoprostol pills only


Nice thanks on this new
How effective is the this?

What are the steps in using Miso pills

Thanks for the information, but are these pills 100% effective?

I think they are just 95% effective

The Meso pills steps?

My question is is it right for someone to commit an abortion

Are you sure that’s the only process

Abortion is not good
But there comes a time when you need then you will know

In a bit
I will update you

That’s why we you to know what to do when the time comes
And also how to protect yourself against unwanted pregnancy

There are other processes of induced abortion
You can learn more about abortion at

In a bit
I will show you the steps of how to use mesoprostol only

It depends to country and religion
But for me personally I don’t think abortion is wrong

Works 98% of the time

98% quite high right

They are effective 98% of the time
Note condoms are only 97% effective

I’m so happy guys are showing a lot of interest
I will be dropping the next content soon
Guys please note that there is a free course on Abortion at hurry up and get certified now

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