Ins and outs of Sex outside of the Binary

Hello beautiful people.

Many of us do not fit into the gender or sexuality binary and that can sometimes leave us feeling alone on our sexual journeys. It can be hard to find community and people like ourselves because so many people fit into the binary and because the world is centered around that idea of “normal”. Due to this very fact, we all have many things that we may be questioning about our sexual experiences outside of the binary. This is a space for you to ask all those burning questions and hopefully start a dialogue that could help you to get answers but also maybe find likeminded people who you could consider to be your community. Feel free to ask anything pertaining to the topic.
All the best*

How do you deal with the idea of your partner/s having relationships with people outside of your relationship without seeing it as cheating?

How do you ensure your safety when seeing more than 1 sexual partner at a time?

How do you find partners that are ideal for you sexually and respect your sexual health?

How do you reconcile your femininity or masculinity when having sex with someone who may be more feminine or more masculine than you?

Do you struggle with power dynamics when having sex as someone outside of the Cis-heterosexual or monogamy binary?

How do power dynamics affect the way you ensure your sexual health is a priority for you and your partner?

If you are heterosexual could you date someone who does not fall into the ideals of heterosexuality?

Do you believe in gender or sexual roles within a sexual setting?

Where gender or sexual roles are involved, Is it easy for you to discuss sexual health with your partner/partners?

What are some of the fears or misconceptions about having sex outside of the binary?

What methods do you use to protect yourself if you are someone having sex outside of the Cis-heterosexual or monogamy binary?

Is pregnancy something that you encounter or have to deal with if you are having sex outside of the Cis-heterosexual binary?

For me, it should be something we have to agree on and probably have boundaries

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Get tested regularly or use condoms

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Masculine, feminine, neuter, and common are the four genders. Genders are divided into four categories that apply to both living and nonliving objects. Masculine gender is a term that refers to a male subtype. IF you want more information to check out the websites

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