Kumusta ang sex life ninyo ngayong pandemic?

No sex for the whole span of pandemic as my gf is in the province and I am currently stranded here in Manila.

It’s more fun!!! I live with my boyfriend and recently, we started using sex toys to keep our orgasm alive. Check out exciting stuff and costumes here. You’ll definitely love Lauvette!!! https://www.instagram.com/lauvette.ph/

Nakaka-excite. Open tayo ng new topic on sexual fantasies. #SexPositivy #PHSpeakOut #BreakTheStigma

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*Names have been changed to protect the interviewees’ identities

2020 na. May ganito pa din. Let’s normalize sex discussions, break taboos and promote sex positivity. It’s one of the best things to enjoy!

Panat, parang nakalockdown din jowa ko e. Laging walang gana…
Meron ba kayo magandang payo para naman ganahan GF ko…

Alam mo un dati kahit saan ganado toh e. Gaya ng sa kotse (parking or traffic) kunga anu ano trip nian. Kaso ngyon pandemic daig pa nasa ibang bansa e. Ayaw mag initiate ng sexytime. :cry::disappointed_relieved:
Tapos pag sisimulan ko naman, wala parang binabasahan ka ng diaryo e. :face_with_head_bandage:

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