Ladies , lets talk about this gynecologists'...… What is your worst experience with a gynecologist? Lets Spit it Out here!

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Jamii hii inapaswa kuwa na habari kwa Kiingereza au Kiswahili, usisahau!

Unaweza pia kutumia vitambulisho ili iwe rahisi kupata ushiriki wako.

Gynaes are very expensive, worst experience is when I went to see a certain gyna and the sheets on the examination couch didn’t look so clean. I cringe🤢


I was asked to undress the same way I undress for my boyfriend.And he was laughing.
Worse thing, I didn’t need to undress fully.But he seemed keen on getting me nude.Arrrrgggghhh!


I truly hate those sheets.
I believe they carry lots of germs.

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My experience was that they didn’t listen to me. And the gyna wasn’t even available for almost two weeks! Then i get to see him and he is keen on putting me on hormones, no tests done, yet it was a recurring issue! :woman_facepalming:t4:

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They didn’t explain procedure well

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they didn’t give instructions well

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