Let's Talk About Sex: Raw Vs Condom

We will be chatting about the smartest way to go.


I am so excited to participate. Who’s online?

Same here :hugs: can’t wait for the discussion to start

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Good evening!!! I’m excited about the topic💃


umm hmm woah the girls are all fired up…

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Yes we are ready for it

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Hello guys !!! Super excited :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Let’s start now……

Let’s get the ball rolling

Let start now. Can’t wait to add more wisdom

Raw vs Condom

Hus wan u go vote 4 en y?

The topic is on the wheel… Let’s go!!! Let’s go!!!

:rofl::rofl::rofl: Yessssss

E b pleasure things

The second option it’s more safer than the first

Raw so sweet no barrier joor but aaaa condom so safe :cry:

U will choose safe ova passmark sweetness?

Imma vote for both.
Raw is exciting and all but not safe while condom is boring due to less friction but it’s 90% safe

I stand to be Holy
Let’s refrain from sex❤️

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Why not bro, health is wealth

Chaiiiii but what if u trust ur partner?

Yes let us continue to wait until we are married. let’s be patient

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