Many people complain about this (Condom)

Can using condoms reduce pleasure?

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I really don’t enjoy using it but I have to because I want to be safe

Using condom is worth the sacrifice if it’s seen to diminish pleasure . Saves you from tons of problems. It can be an enjoyable experience anyways. So more gains than losses

I think that sometimes people feel like it diminishes the pleasure, but I think it is definately worth it to avoid pregnacy and STIs. A few minutes of pleasure could potentially lead to big changes in your life.

Why if that few minutes you one to enjoy it with out condoms

Technically speaking using condoms usually reduce the feelings but it is important to use it because of sickness and other diseases


How do you know it can reduce feelings?

Once using condoms no feelings, it looks like something blocking something but once it is flesh to flesh you feel pleasure.

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Really you think it can reduce sexual feeling?

Exactly but it is not advisable to not use condoms

Lol like seriously
But you know it good to play safe

Hmm you really know this eating something business

Yes, I use to eat something without condom so I know it well

Ehn you know you can give get sickness from eating without mask on

Yes ooh, I stop doing it and now I am using my mask to avoid sickness

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You give belly too oo

Hi do you know that HIV is real?

The thing here is that people should be more concerned about staying healthy and safe from sexual transmitted diseases. I don’t know for some but it doesn’t reduce pleasure for me

You think so ? Have you try it before to know if it can be sweet or not

HIV is real and it kills. Not using condoms can lead to you getting HIV

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