Moaning or Silence during sex

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*Do you like it loud or quiet?
*Sexy or petty noise?

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Is it true that moaning speed up your partner’s climax?

Moaning does speed things up from what I’ve noticed, because it sort of communicates with your sexual partner, it’s supposed to tells them when they are doing what you like and when to stop


Well what if someone is shy to make funny noises?
Or sometimes you dont want to moan youre tired with the sounds


@Joy_Gborie hmmm okay

@Mama it’s not possible tho
It’s hard to get tired with the sound
If you don’t moan it’s either you’re shy or not enjoying.

So what if your partner does not like nasty talks during sex and you like it
What should one do in that situation?

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@mama well if you love having sex with him you should try to talk to him to have an agreement.
Or you can still make funny noises secretly :rofl::rofl:

Or you can fantasize about the noises…lol

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Try to communicate with him/her, the sound effects is some how a must, doesn’t really need to be loud, it’s even sexier when it’s a in low tone in his ears :slight_smile:

Moaning during sex is a must
How can u drive a car when the engine is silent
Moaning during sex shows that u are enjoying, and it actually makes the ur partner more horny hearing u moaning, moaning doesn’t mean u should be screaming above ur voice, for me it actually important as it makes u want more of ur partner


What’s about heavy breathing in the ears? Does that count for anything?

@Ifeoma_Owunna wow

Don’t forget about contraceptives when having sex.
And also helps you to choose a healthy version of it

Let’s enjoy sex but also we should be practicing safe sex

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Thanks for your ideas❤️
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Safe sex is important

Moaning isn’t a yardstick to measure how much pleasure is felt during sex.
Most porn actors moan to make the movies look fun and it doesn’t necessarily mean they enjoy it.
Some people aren’t comfortable with moaning because they worry about how they look or sound but they actually enjoy sex.
Do not put pressure on yourself, if you don’t feel comfortable moaning don’t do it.
Don’t do it to keep up a sexual appearance.
Do it because you genuinely feel pleasure and you are comfortable to express it.

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@thesanasi you’re right
Most people do things to blend in.

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