Premature Ejaculation

Hello, I have premature ejaculation and it’s affecting my confidence and I feel really anxious to have sex because I’m afraid it might happen again…

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Hello Poster,

Before I respond, what actually is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is the persistent or recurrent situation where a man ejaculates too quickly

So before you say you have premature mature ejaculation
You must have experienced or is experiencing the following:

  1. Ejaculating within a short period of time
  2. Ejaculating when you with minimal or no sexual stimulation
  3. It must happen often

“I have confirmed I experience all these symptoms you stated, please help”


How did that feel? Relaxing right?

The leading cause of premature ejaculation is psychological causes such as:

  1. Over excitement
  2. Fear of sex
  3. Performance Anxiety
  4. Uncontrollable Arousal
  5. Sexual tension
  6. Guilt
  7. Wrong mindset towards sex
  8. Depression
  9. Easily stimulated nervous system
    10.Sexual Trauma

Almost 90% cause falls under psychological reasons.

Does this mean I am abnormal?

NO, 1 in every 3 men experience premature ejaculation at a point in their life.

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  1. Know your triggers is it psychological or physiological?

  2. If it’s physiological, please see a doctor once you begin treatment you get better.

  3. If it’s psychological, please visit a Sexologist or a sex therapist who are experienced and teach you cognitive behavioral strategies to help you reduce anxiety, sexual trauma or reorientation of sex.


  1. They are trained and know the right treatment strategy to use.
  2. They access the severity and degree of the problem
  3. A specific treatment, Mr A could have physiological underlying cause while Mr B could be psychological they asses you and know the specific treatment that would work.

Hi Sanasi,

Nice one with the premature ejaculation. I recently noticed I wasn’t staying as long as I used to while having sex and I don’t feel like going a second round. My penis just refuses to have an erection. Why is it so? How can I have an erection for another round or improve the feeling to have another round?

I started evening bicycle rides and doing push ups. I hope it helps. I also noticed after drinking legend stout some days ago, I didn’t have a premature ejaculation or feel the need to cum early, I could say I was happy I lasted really longer than I should.

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I do have PE. I try my best to last longer in bed. Of all the possibilities I strongly believe it’s my uncontrollable arousal that’s the cause. I’ve used a couple of drugs bt it’s seems only one prove to be effective. Kindly help make me the man I hoped to be.

Bon tu la dit! C’est ton excitation excessive qui te fait tomber vite. La prochaine fois essaye de contrôler tes pulsions. Vas y mollo. Et essaye de penser à autre chose que ton rapport.
Petit astuce pour toi mange de la cola et du sucre 30min avt le rapport

Mais c’est pas parce que je pense à une autre chose.

Hello J,
You need to meet a medical doctor or a Sexologist to know the underlying cause and then they begin strategic treatment.

I stated it in the previous post, I hope this helps

Hello Ernard,

When you have sexual concerns it is appropriate you seek professional help.

Alcoholic drinks are depressants they inhibit/slow down the nervous transmission in the body, that was why you lasted longer when you had the drinks.

Your body took longer to feel the sexual stimulation and that is a temporary solution, over indulgence in alcohol can lead to a whiskey penis that is an erectile dysfunction induced by alcohol.

It’s best you meet a professional to get the necessary help

Hi Sanasi,

Thanks for the advice. I’m in Abuja, I believe you are too. Can I get the necessary help from you?

Hello Ernard,

You can send me a mail or send a DM on twitter.

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Hi @JoseSmith, have you tried this product before? What’s your experience with premature ejaculation? We know there are multiple pills offering help for premature ejaculation but we want to know more about the roots of this problem.

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