Preventing sexually transmitted diseases

Let’s talk
Trust no one

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Let’s talk
To learn we should express ourselves verbally
There’s nothing wrong in sharing your experience

That’s y condom is so far d best preventive method

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@mama yeah
But there are also some vital practices that prevents diseases
Visit to learn more please

Some might not consider water
But Washing before and after sex is very important
It’s relaxing and healthy

What if water is not available at that very moment?

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How would water not be available??
I don’t understand

What if u have sex in ur car or other public places

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@Mama use tissue
But wash off when you reach home

Eating vegetables and drinking plenty water are the basic preventive measures
When you’re healthy and clean, some infections wears off

You can take to medical practitioners @ this website and explain about your discharges, the colour, the smell and any odd experience
They will help

STD is a broad aspect…it not just bout minor infections

Yes ma
That’s why I link you up with the website
Hence we are all learning

Obviously condom helps
Trust no one

Do we know that nowadays people use condoms to protect themselves from getting pregnant?
Like they have sex and put on protection later so they don’t get the cum inside.
We don’t think about STDs do we?

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Using condoms correctly prevents sexually transmitted diseases
Using it always also
Don’t trust people

Condoms lessen the risk of infection

Even though some can be contacted thru the skin

Avoid sharing towels and undies

So true😆
Sometyms we 4get bout the STDs
And we decide on withdrawal

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