Protection or Naah

Are you into protection or Naah
Let’s get the views and discuss the reasons why

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Hy everyone here when are we going to start

We are here oooh…………

Hey guys let me hear your views
Protection is key as we all know but what is your take

I like the idea of the use of protection but I hate the use of it


I like protection because there are lot of sickness out there and also the risk of pregnancy

Seriously ohh. I love the idea …

I love using protection it’s keeps us safe :relaxed:

What is the main reason for your use of protection

Stds, prevent pregnancy etc

Against pregnancy and STIs for me

Sexually transmitted diseases

For me only HIV that I’m afraid of

My belleh

Hello everyone
How are is everyone doing

How are you super Ing Lawrence

Welcome engineer lawrence

what your point of view on this discussion

Praise God ohhh. How about you

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