Safety of anal sex

My boyfriend want to have anal sex with me. Isn’t it harmful?

If done wrongly it would cause harm, if you have medical conditions like pile you might want to rethink.
Also make sure you are doing it willingly not because you want to do it to please anyone.

  1. Empty your bowel before sex
  2. Use anal lubes
    3.Use condoms since the anus isn’t self lubricating you are prone to get a tear but lubes prevent that and condoms reduces your chances of getting an STI
  3. Train with anal plugs few minutes to the time the anal plugs or beads help expand the butt hole
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Agreed, especially the part that you want it, not to please anyone else. For the tips I would emphasize condoms, lube (no such thing as too much), and training. You can try anal beads, or fingers, or anything else safe. As long as you want it and are enjoying it, go for it.

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