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We have d so many questions that are relevant to menstrual hygiene

How to reduce periods cramps?
Is having sex during your period safe?
Can I get pregant if I’ve never had my period?
What are safe days during menstrual cycle?
Why is my period late?
Is it normal to have my period twice a week?

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1.To reduce periods cramps and pain you can try the following things
Putting a heating pad on your belly or lower your back
Having a hot bath
Hormonal birth control(like the pill,patche etc)

2.Not using contraceptive on your safe period is a dangerous game
Because it’s actually possible for fertilization to occur during this phase of menstrual cycle.

3.We have to admit it can be a little bit misleading
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4.There is no safe time of the month when you can have sex without using contraceptive or without risk of getting pregnant.

5.There are several reasons why your periods might be late

6.Yes,it’s possible to have your period twice a month
Some months your cycle may last for more or fewer days than the previous month
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