Salone Sexual Fantasy

We’ll be exploring the sexual fantasy world of Salone. You can’t miss this!

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Hi everyone
Are you excited?

This is interesting. What is a sexual Fantasy?

Hey guys
Who’s ready?

4 me sexual fantasy is that sexual scene in your head that brings you pleasure :smirk:

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Guys, what turns u on?

What is sexual fantasy all about?

Romantic settings
When he pulls my legs on to his lap when we are watching TV.
When he goes down on me without expecting sex in return :grin:

Ok lemme stop here :joy::joy::joy:

Me my fantasy is a room with petals… Romantic setting :heart_eyes:

Can we get perspective views
What is sexual fantasy

Mental images that turn you on

50 shades inspired :wink:

Images that arouse u

What’s your sexual fantasy?

Fantasy in SL perspective is much of a spiritual stuff
Cuz most people think it’s because of some demonic reasons they have certain type of fantasy
What can you say to youth with respect to this issue

There’s nothing demonic about fantasy

Just like sex fantasy is natural, all about pleasure

:butterfly: great topic!!!

Sexual Fantasy :heart:

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