Sex after the emergency pill

I had unprotected sex last night but I didn’t care because I always keep an emergency pill in my bag so I take the pill before sleeping but today before standing up we had sex again and I don’t know if I should take another pill or if the pill I took last night protects me today too.

Help, please!

Hi, my apologies. Thankfully, yes, it is protective, as it will delay your ovulation if done on time. However, I do recommend, if you’re (semi) regularly taking emergency pills, that you would consider regular contraceptives. Our website has a dedicated section to compare options to help you pick the one you want. Their effectiveness would be higher than emergency contraceptives.

Does it mean that when the ovulation is already done the emergency pill can no more protect you?

Yes. Emergency pills only work before ovulation happens. If ovulation, conception, or implantation has happened, emergency pills will not help.

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