Sex Talk/Discussion

Women should take initiative and learn to express their need

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I hope we’re ready for another interactive session today on our topic "Sex Talk/Discussion

Our first sub-topic this evening “What images spring to mind when you hear the word sex”

Pleasure/Fun is what springs to mind when I hear the word sex.

Same here…it should be a a fun experience

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Our last sub-topic of discussion is “How can I ask for what I want in Bed”

Our last session is on the sub-topic “How can I ask for what I want in Bed”

Being able to talk about sex is a really important relationship skill. Building up this ability can mean you and your partner are able to head off any potential issues with your sex life, or even get to a point where you’re having better sex than ever. And, like any other relationship skill, this is something that can be learnt with a little practice and time.

Many women have unsatisfactory sex lives because they cannot bring themselves to discuss with their partners the subject of what they need in bed.

The best way to overcome these difficulties in a relationship is for the woman to take the initiative and learn how to express her needs clearly but tactfully, and to explain to her man what her needs are and what he can do to meet them.

The first step is for women to become assertive.
We must learn how to feel comfortable discussing the subject.

Once women are able to talk freely to their partner s about sex, they will find it easier to take more active role in their love making and this will increase the pleasure for both of them

How to deal with sexual assertiveness
-Dealing with what makes u uneasy
-Saying dirty words out loud
-Demonstrating your assertiveness by sexy undressing, taking the lead during sex

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