Sexual Fantasies

Ever had a sexual fantasy? Having fantasies are not uncommon. Share your fantasies here, you never know, maybe you’ll find someone who has the same fantasy ;). Join in at 7.30pm on the 31st of July.

Good evening to everyone.

Let’s discuss about sexual fantasies tonight. What are your fantasies? Remember that you’re completely anonymous

Waiting for comments

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How about starting with yours dear? What are your sexual fantasies? Have you done them before?

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I’m not sure if this counts as a fantasy but myabe switching to a location where you can bea easily caught or where someone can walk in on you sounds very interesting :zipper_mouth_face:

Like under the stairways or in a car on a parking lot?

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Yes in fact! Anyone here tried any of those? And how did you feel? :thinking:

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Well , had a number of sexual fantasies but I’ve been able to fulfill most of them except pegging and 3some

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oh really, please tell us the ones you were able to fulfill if you dont mind. I’m sure we are all dying to know.

No problem. Anal sex, car sex, sex party, fucking a cougar, sex in a public washroom, fucking in the office

It’s just prudent to suck the nipple whiles fucking. The feeling is deadly lol

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