Sexual Self-Esteem

Young people face important decisions about relationships, sexuality, and sexual behavior. The decisions they make can impact their health and well being for the rest of their lives. Young people have the right to lead healthy lives, and society has the responsibility to prepare youth by providing them with comprehensive sexual health education that gives them the tools they need to make healthy decisions. But it is not enough for programs to include discussions of abstinence and contraception to help young people avoid unintended pregnancy or disease.
Haven’t you always wished you could talk about sex openly, ask questions and discover your sexual self?
Now you can—without being embarrassed, ashamed or anxious.

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When is the best time to have sex

As a human I’ll say whenever you feel like but according to science, the best time to have sex is about 7:30 a.m., about 45 minutes after the optimal time to wake up to achieve a perfectly tuned up body clock.

How do you know if a girl wants to have sex?

You don’t know.
Thy is why we are humans so we communicate and ask when a lady wants sex.
Arousal doesn’t mean I want sex because sometimes fear triggers arousal and a person can be physically aroused but not mentally aroused
Learn to ask and be sure to ask during Sex

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