Share your thoughts about sex

In which way ? And how

During injection. Mmm.l

Yeah that’s the reason u should have one partner tho

I like to romantic before having sex

Which injection you talking about

I guess he meant injaculations tho

But one partner is not everything the enjoyment is what we need

It’s good to have standing sex in the bathroom


Why it you get hurt in the bathroom

Wow that part of it only man can enjoy it forgetting to know the girl didn’t enjoy any thin

Standing and having sex keeps yoyr dick alive and you can stimulate the partner for a lenghtly periid of time.

I enjoyed the cool bath and clean place, and I like the water bath

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You know it will be hurting the girl thin

But it will not be the girl best part about sex this is calling selfishness

It wouldn’t if the guy know how cool to do it

Some bathroom can be small oo don’t go hurt your friend them oo

It’s good to only have sex in room

Sex need to be done in free and comfortable environment not in uncomfortable places

You sure girls enjoy the most. We the boys just suffer to bring out our so while the girl relax and enjoy the thing

Some environment don’t permit people to have sex

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