Switching to another birth control method after contraceptive failure

Please share your stories:
Why did the previous contraceptive method fail?
What happened because of the failure?
Which new method are you using now?
Why did you choose this new method?


Aaah that 1% chance of getting pregnant :woman_facepalming:

My friend got a flu shot instead of her tri-monthly birth control injection; she got pregnant in her final year of university. She still gets the shots but from a different clinic. Asks a lot of questions to the nurse when they are giving her the shot to confirm it is the right thing. She also always uses a condom plus has morning-after pill for when there’s a doubt.

Life is tough.

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This is the craziest story I have ever heard (okay not as crazy as a baby born with an IUD in their hand). Very brave of your friend to keep trusting injection as a method and great that it is working for her.

**I and my boyfriend don’t like condoms and we were just using the withdrawal method as we have sex very rarely. This night I really didn’t want him to pull out when it was time to ejaculate (I guess him too). I knew the risk I was taking but I said to myself that I will buy a morning-after pill. And I did so in the morning. And Guess what? 5 weeks later I was pregnant. I went to see a male nurse that was not very far from my home to ask for help to abort. He made me buy some pills to take and told me I will bleed after taking them. I was really anxious though I did everything he told me to do. And he seemed to be indifferent to my worries. Fortunately everything went well. But I don’t want to have any affair with this man again. Now I’m using the implant that will last for at least three year as I don’t want to have a child for the next coming three years and it suits me well.

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Thank you for sharing your story Miel. What I can learn from your experience is that contraceptive methods can fail but there’s always a solution - some easier than others. I am glad, in the end, you are satisfied with your new method.

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