The joys of sex toys

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This is a conversation on how to use sex toys healthily. These objects can be carriers of germs and one could get an infection if not careful.

Hello all
This is going to be an exciting discussion I promise. Did u know that at least 53% of women in the United States aged 18-45 have used a vibrator at least once??

Wel that’s what the survey done by Indiana University found out. Even men use them too! At least 45% men also between 18-45 have used a vibrator at least once​:joy::joy: so what’s up with these objects you might wonder??

It’s interesting to know that even in this 21st century sex toys are still unpopular in SL?
Last week of asked at least 50 young women in Freetown. Over 36 of them confided that they have never used a sex you before. 9 had only used a vibrator because their partner ( most of them were foreigners) had introduced them in the bedroom. The other five believed sex toys were simply unnecessary, unsanitary and downright just wrong

Hello all
This is going to be an exciting discussion I promise. Did u know that at least 45% of women

Sex toys apart from being popular for the waves of pleasurable climax they bring are also helpful objects. These toys can help deal with vulvar or vaginal pain, vaginal atrophy and any more issues especially for women who are undergoing menopause. What’s even better is the fact that these toys have proven to improve sleep for women. Many psychologist recommend sex toys for women who have sexual pains mainly due to vaginal tightness. More over, internal vibrators used with good quality vaginal oil can improve blood flow in the vaginal area according to Dr Stephanie de Giorgio, GP who has a special interest in women’s health and this why she recommends sex toys to women who may have sex related issues

Where can i get a sex toy in sierra leone

Sex toys seem to have it all don’t they? These bad boys can give u waves of pleasure and assure you of a climax out of this world and at the same time can help you when u have sex related issues. A good vibrator will have you biting you pillow in ecstasy or practically screaming without a care for the neighbors​:joy::joy:.there are several types of sex toys and the real questions can is which one is more your style?
There are cloth vibrators who have earned a reputation for making you clit feel gooooood
And Who can forget dildos. One good thing about Dildos is that they go EVERYWHERE ( if u catch my drift😉)
And good ol butt plugs. If you’re an anal sex enthusiast or just looking to try anal butt plugs are everything you’ll need. One may argue that a dildo can simply be used in their too but my take is this: dildos for in and out but butt plugs… they just stay in and work their magic…and yes i mean magic. These toys can take you to places you didn’t know existed!

Because they’re not so popular sex toys seem almost absent once the market but don’t worry I got you!

You can make an order at Ali Baba website.
Or you could get your toys from local dealers including the country. Every major night club has a stash of sex toys for sale. Most people don’t know because they don’t ask.

Next time you’re at the club talk with the manager and thank me later

Now that we’ve examined some of the positive sides of sex toys let’s be real about the negatives. Sex toys are an easy means of contacting sexually transmitted infections. Many young women and girls have contacted infections through their toys and here’s why:

  1. Sharing toys: sexual toys should not be shared with multiple partners. These are objects that’s are really designed for single users. However if you’re in a relationship it idc common to introduce toys In the bedroom and one may want to share with their partner. Before sharing tour you make sure that you’re aware of the status of the person you want to share with. If they have a sexually transmitted infection then it’s certain it will be shared to you. Remember these toys are created to bring organs and most times users squirt and cum all over them and ejaculation carries infections so you have to be careful.
  1. Cleaning your toys
    Like every other object you may own if you don’t keep your toys clean they’re prone to pick up infections. Toys must be washed before and after use following the exact procedure highlighted including their boxes. If you’re not a frequent user make sure you still wash them regularly and keep them in clean places.
    Where you keep your toys must be a safe place. If it’s open to the reach of others there’s an increase in the possibility of someone passing something onto them.
    Remember to wash your hands before and after you handle your toys.

Finally even though one can derive pleasure from sex toys there’s nothing quite like introducing toys in your relationship.( the more the merrier hun) It has proven to make things even more spicy in a relationship and it is proven that sex is an important aspect of any relationship. Sex toys have proven to improve the sex life of people in relationships. They certainly help stimulate relationships and make the sex last even longer as more time is spent on foreplay. It’s a win win!!!

However as great as the sex is we must not forget that sex means a chance of pregnancy. If you just want to have a great time without getting pregnant or maybe you are already pregnant but you don’t think you’re ready for it( happens to us all. Children are a big responsibility and if you don’t feel ready you probably shouldn’t have them) then you ensure to visite www.findmymethod. The website is simply a one stop shop for all things contraceptive. Whether you’re looking for advice on the best kind of contraceptive to use or you want to access contraceptives we’ve got you covered😊

Go ahead and have wild sex! Get yourself a toy and experience out of this world pleasure and with the website you don’t have to worry about the consequences😉

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