Tips to rock on bed

How to have a great moment with your partner on bed and ensure that both of you are satisfied after sex?

In general, communication is key. This should be done before, during, and after the session. Before, clearly communicate what you like, what you want. Listen to your partner as well, and you can discuss what to do. Perhaps there’s a kind of foreplay you would both enjoy, or roleplay that they’re curious and you’re open to try. During the session, feedback helps each other. Moaning can give the other affirmation they’re doing it right. You can also give verbal directions, like confirming which spot/position you like. And afterwards, honestly praise what you liked. That would reinforce it. You can also discuss what could be better. Receive feedback from your partner as well. Basically, never assume people are mind readers, and try to have fun in the process:)

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