Unprotected sex! what next?

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HELLO! Join us tomorrow at 6pm for a conversation on what to do after having unprotected sex. Thank you.image

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Hello! So today we want to talk about what steps to take after having unprotected sex.
What are the risks involved with unprotected sex and how can we curtail those risks?


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So it’s important that as much as possible we use protection during sex, especially if we are not certain of our partner’s sexual status.


You can take a morning after pill to prevent unwanted pregnancies. It shouldn’t be used as a permanent method of contraception though

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After unprotected sex, you can take an emergency contraceptive pill to avoid any pregnancy scares. Mind you, the emergency pill is not 100% protective against pregnancy.

Also the longer it takes after sex to take the pill, the less protective the pill will be. So it’s important to take it within 24hours of unprotected sex to avoid stories that touch

Please note that, emergency contraceptive pills should not be your usual method of contraception. It’s important to be on a contraceptive method as emergency pills come with their own side effects

If you suspect that the person you had sex with had an STD, it is important to report immediately to the nearest health facility as well.

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