Using emergency contraceptive pill after regular birth control method failed

Please share your experience - what happened? how did you learn about emergency contraceptive pill? how did you feel after using it?

I think this is the best thing humans ever made. Yes, it is better to take pills regularly and use a condom but these things are not fool proof. Soooooo I am glad we have morning-pill. I realised after having sex without condoms that I forgot to take my pills - I did not know these pills existed - in panic, I started searching for for some solution and came across this. Wasn’t fun researching with this pressure but was relieved to find out about them. Luckily where I live, I could just go to a pharmacy and get it - without any questions.

I wish everyone knows about this option.

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I was taking a break from my monthly birth control and ended up having unprotected sex (drunken). So I knew I had to take Plan B. I am not sure exactly when and how I found about Plan B, probably heard about it in a movie/show or read something online or all the above - but I knew it and went to the pharmacy the next morning and bought a pack. It was the one that had the 2 tablets. I took as directed and honestly felt nothing; no side-effects whatsoever other than a hangover from the last night.

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Popular culture to the rescue! It is important to talk about Plan B so people are aware of it and can use it when needed. Thanks for sharing

We can imagine how nerve-wrecking and then relieving it must have been for you to go through this. So happy that you found out about the pill and could buy it easily. Thanks for sharing.

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