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Welcome to the Find My Method forum, a growing community of people who want to learn and share about contraception and sex.

No matter where you are from and who you identify as, share your experiences, advice and questions to learn and help others in this safe and welcoming space.

This forum has a place for everyone, in the homepage you’ll see a list of countries and each one has 4 categories: Contraception, Where do I get contraception?, Sexual and reproductive health and Sexuality. If your country doesn’t have a special category you can go to the Global category.

We’re multilanguage, so don’t worry. If you’re coming from Kenya your category will be available in Swahili, India is also available in Hindi and México is available in Spanish.

And, if you want to choose the ideal contraceptive for you, visit findmymethod.org and try our tools to make a safe decision.

First steps:

Don’t know where to begin, follow these suggestions to get the best experience

  1. Visit your Preferences Page and add an avatar, set your name, and if you want to, change your username. You only have 10 days to update your username, after that, you won’t be able to modify it.

  2. Tell us something about you. In your Preferences Page, go to the Profile section and include a little introduction about you. Don’t know what to say?, just reply to these questions: Where are you from? What’s your gender identity? Single, married, divorced, having fun? Why did you join this community?, etc.

  3. You want to have the experience in a different language? No worries, in the Preferences Page go to Interface and select the most convenient language for you.

  4. Read carefully our Community Policies to make sure your participation in this forum it’s the most comfortable.

  5. Take a look at our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  6. If you get any question, let us know: send an email to [email protected].

As a new user, you can only read and comment on existing topics. But as you spend more time with this community, you will earn privileges in the form of badges and will be able to start your own topics.

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Good to have this community! Looking forward to use this platform to learn and share.

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Excited to test this out and learn from others! :partying_face:

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Hi, remember this is a trustful community, don’t hesitate to make your questions with confidence.

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Welcome, don’t forget to follow us on our social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Thanks for creating this! Looking forward to learning about sex and contraception.

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This is amazing and thank you so much! I think it is really awesome that there is a dedicated forum platform for access to such valuable information. I think that first of all, it fills an essential gap, the gap to be part of a community that addresses so specifically the issues regarding HIV, unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Cuddos on that!

I even think that the model should be duplicated to other languages as well!
Well done :grinning:

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Good to have this platform to learn more about sex and contraception. Thanks for creating this! :slightly_smiling_face:

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