Who is Responsible for Contraception

Let’s challenge the gendered portrayal of contraceptive responsibility and encourage increased dialogue around contraceptive responsibility.

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We start with our first question
What are your ideas about responsibility for contraception?

There is a perception that it is the girl’s responsibility to think about contraception and safer sex.

For me I think both parties should be involved

Our society needs to change the notion that it’s only the responsibility of the woman to worry about contraceptive responsibility, but that is very wrong

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It is BOTH partners’ responsibility to ensure that you have safer sex, and use contraception to prevent both unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

What factors (advice from friends, family, professionals, beliefs, experience) influence women making decisions about contraception

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Young women’s decision making regarding hormonal contraceptives is not simply determined by the experience of unwanted effects but reflects the meaning of unwanted effects in relation to underlying beliefs regarding the nature of hormones in contraceptives, ‘natural’ menses, menstrual control and the importance of avoiding pregnancy

Everyone has a right to safe and well-informed reproductive health care.
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