Why is sex painful?

Join this discussion on why sex may be painful and solution to painful sex.

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Reasons why penetrative sex hurts:

•You are not properly lubricated: never be ashamed to use lube, there is a misconception that people who use lube have sexual challenges it’s not true.
Lube makes the whole process easier and exciting so incorporate lube to your sex life.

•You are not properly aroused: Arousal isn’t when you have a tingly vagina, wet vagina, erect clitoris or penis. There are two types of arousal physical and mental arousal.
Physical arousal: when blood flows to genital and you notice physical changes like wet vagina, erect penis, pulsing genital.
Mental arousal: when you are actively anticipating how sex would be, your present anticipation of sex there are times where you are physically prepared for sex but not mentally ready it’s called arousal non-concordance situations like this could make sex painful.

•Size of your partner’s penis: Mega penis might look so appealing in pictures but it might cause a vaginal tear so try to lubricate more and be properly aroused, it would be ideal if your partner thrusts slowly and doesn’t penetrate fully.

•Your partner is thrusting really hard:The vagina length differs for each individual and sometimes hard thrust might be painful in this case try to elevate by placing a pillow underneath your waist and let your partner thrust slowly.
Also learn to give your partner feedback on how you want sex to be.

Please let me know in the comments what other areas you want me to talk about.

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Sometimes it could be a sign of infection please see your health care provider and make sure you go along with your partner so as to avoid a case of re-infection.

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